Palm Pavilion Exterior View


The Palm Pavilion is a Clearwater Beach landmark. Begun in 1926, it is the oldest operating beach pavilion in the state of Florida. Research has also found it to earn that same distinction for the entire Southeast U.S. The beautiful palm plant artwork contained on this website, as well as all other artwork found throughout the Palm Pavilion, was created by the exceptionally talented Lynne Parrish.

News Releases:

Palm Pavilion Celebrates 98th Year in 2024
Landmark Clearwater Beach Attraction Receives Makeover
Palm Pavilion Seeks Memorabilia
Hamilton Family Celebrates 60th Year of Ownership

Palm Pavilion 1926 to 1964 The Early Years – Jesse Smith
Palm Pavilion 1964 to Present – The Howard Hamilton Family
Life and Events in 1926

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